Orders in our system are delivered to the courier company within 24-48 hours after the delivery of the products.

The shipping process of your orders is carefully followed. After your order is placed in the system, it passes to the packaging stage after 2 (two) stage control.

The order delivered to the cargo company is delivered to you within 2-7 business days. This time may vary depending on your location and weather conditions.

Returns and Exchanges

You have the right to request a return or exchange of the product you are not satisfied with within 14 business days after your order is received. Refund applications made outside of this period are not considered. Taking this into consideration, you must deliver your return and change within 14 working days and specify the request you want.

The products for which return and change are requested must not be used and deformed. Otherwise, this will be seen as a user error, not a fault of the company. By taking this care, you can request change and return. Products damaged or defective during shipping, products that do not come in the color and size ordered are included in the refund. IN THE CASE OF REFUND OR CHANGES, THE SHIPPING FEE IS FULLY OWNED BY THE CUSTOMER. REQUESTS FOR REFUNDS AND EXCHANGE SENT BY COUNTERPAYMENT ARE NOT ACCEPTED. The shipping costs of the exchange and return requests made due to errors caused by us only belong to us, provided that they are given to the cargo companies we have contracted with.

After the return is accepted, a refund will be made to your card by It may take a few days for you to see the refund in your account. This situation is entirely related to your bank. cannot intervene in this situation.

If you have returned a product in installments, deposits the refund fee to your account completely, but your bank will refund this refund to your card in installments.

If you wish, you can call our call center and get help:

Call Center Communication Line:

+90 212 520 26 44