This Privacy Policy covers the services offered in the electronic commerce platform called www.HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM, operating within TOKGÜN HALI KİLİM TİCARET TÜNCEL TOKGÜN (hereinafter referred to as “HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM”) and the customer candidates who want to benefit from these services, members and their customers. HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM aims to carry out its activities with the “www.HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM” internet / website prepared for you, with a service philosophy focused on the security of customer information, as in all other services it operates.

Use and Protection of Information

“Www.HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM” is equipped with “SSL” system for the security of the information entered. Therefore, the information provided can not be seen by other people on the internet. This protection is not effective for information sent by means such as e-mail.

The information we obtain about members, prospects and customers is kept confidential to the degree of care we show to our trade secrets. This information can only be accessed by our company’s staff in order to fulfill the service requested by our member and to the extent required by the service.

Sources of Information

Information provided by you

The information you provide to us by using “www.HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM” is collected and recorded by us. The information obtained in this way is the information you provide us with your free will. You are free to give us this information, but we recommend that you provide all the information requested from you in our application so that we can provide you with faster, more accurate, effective and quality service. In addition, you should be aware that if you do not provide the mandatory information required by the service you request, it will not be possible to fulfill your request.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and complete. Do not provide false, misleading or incomplete information. Providing false, misleading or incomplete information or making statements may affect the validity of the service you have requested, our company’s responsibilities to you and / or third parties, and / or may cause our company to fail to fulfill its obligations duly. In such a case, HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM does not accept any responsibility. If HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM is damaged due to providing false, misleading or incomplete information, you will be liable to compensate for this damage.

Automatically provided information

When you use our application, it is the information obtained from your previous visits to our application and the services you have received through the identification system called “cookies”, which allows our computers and operating systems to automatically recognize you.

In the “help” menu of your computer, you can find what you need to do to restrict or disable this feature completely. However, we recommend that you leave this feature open, as the information we obtain in this way will be used to make the service we provide you faster and of higher quality.

Information from other sources

Information that is not shared by you in “www.HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM” but provided by HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM and / or third parties with whom it can act together within the framework of privacy policies.

Storage, Processing, Use and Sharing of Information Resources

HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM, “www.HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM” website / website to provide special promotions, promotions and marketing offers to members / customers and prospective customers or visitors who use the website, to improve the content of the Site according to you and / or to determine your preferences; It tracks your browsing information on the Site and / or your membership usage history on the Site. GÜRSEL ADVERTISEMENT may match the information collected from you on the Site at different times or with different methods such as information collected online and offline, and use this information together with information obtained from other sources such as third parties. HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM has the right to store these information in accordance with this Privacy Policy accepted by the visitor, to process them in accordance with this privacy policy, and to turn them into data.

HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM, the affiliates of HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM, the person and / or persons with whom they cooperate, and the third person or persons, provided that the consent of HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM, this data and the stored information can be used indefinitely in all kinds of promotion, advertisement, communication and similar applications. will be able to use and / or share. By accepting this Privacy Policy, it is accepted that the User consents to the use of the data and stored information of the party on the platform for all kinds of promotion, advertisement, communication. In order for the data belonging to the user and the stored information not to be used by HALİKİLİMALSAT.COM in all kinds of promotion, advertising and similar applications