Carpet and Rug Repair

Carpet repair and rug repair is an important job that requires experience. With our 30 years of experience, we offer the best service quality to our valued customers with our experts in carpet and rug repair. It should be repaired according to the carpet and rug textures. Each carpet and rug has different features. Carpets are woven in two different ways. The first is corrugated weaving and the second is non-corrugated weaving. These different types of weaving also make a difference in the structure of the carpets. When repairing the corrugated carpet, it is necessary to leave the intermediate weft loose and give a space. In this way, a healthy carpet repair is made. On the carpet without corrugation, repairs should be made according to the softness and frequency of touch. The most common tissue defects encountered in repairs are the rotten carpet and the explosions in the carpet telas. Before starting carpet repair, precautions should be taken against these kinds of defects and various processes should be done accordingly.

When doing rug repairs, repairs are made according to the structure of the rug. rugs are woven as hard and soft. Colors and color harmony are very important in rug repair. One of the most important points in carpet and rug repairs is that each region has a unique way of weaving, and at the same time, each region has a unique modeling. Knowing all these features proves that carpet and rug repair is a difficult craft and requires a great deal of experience.

Carpet washing

Contrary to what is known, carpet washing and rug washing is a process that requires great care. There are some steps to be taken into consideration especially for antique carpet washing and antique rug washing. During the carpet washing process, carpets and rugs should not get wet too much, they should be dried immediately after washing. It should be washed with mild detergent during washing. Each carpet should be washed with special shampoos according to its type and the amount of wool and cotton used. These shampoos are special shampoos produced entirely for carpets. Special softeners and brighteners are used in addition to carpet shampoos. Hand rugs have separate shampoos. It must go through separate processing. Different washing methods are used in handmade carpets according to the dye of the carpet. Some of these types of washing are processes such as aging, gold washing, tea washing, withering, making the ground yellow, and turning it to the color of coffee with milk. It is not easy to remove pink and black colors on hand made rugs and antique rugs. Red and blue dye can be removed on machine carpets. After the carpets are wet, they should be washed as soon as possible. After washing the hand made carpet, care must be taken. The reason for this is the deterioration of the eaves. Contrary to what is known, carpet washing and rug removal is not a simple task. Especially, Antique Carpet and Antique Rug washing processes are the procedures that need to be paid much attention. For this, it is absolutely necessary to get help from people who are experts in this business.